The three faces of Mssng Lnks

We believe that a three-pronged approach is needed in order to bring about our Mission – embracing, nurturing, and unleashing the power found within the voices of urban youth-of-color.

And our Vision - that the rich diversity found within our world community can be reflected in the vocal performers on stage, and in recital and concert halls.

facing the Griot

In West Africa, Griots are Memory-Holders - preserving traditions and customs, assisting in decision-making through their knowledge of the laws, and honoring lineages and genealogies.  Honoring and disseminating this cultural heritage provides a stability that allows community members the freedom to explore their place within society.

Because Mssng Lnks recognizes the tremendous cultural importance of recording, archiving and passing down music to future generations, a key objective of our work is helping to preserve and promote the legacy of composers-of-color in the fields of musical theatre and classical vocal music.
As we celebrate, research, and honor the cultural inheritance inherent in the works of composers-of-color, our Artists-In-Training will gain an understanding of, and appreciation for the legacy of singers and composers-of-color. This historical perspective provides a firm foundation from which they can explore and envision the role they wish to play as aspiring vocalists.

Contact us if you would like to donate recordings or sheet music, or if you would like to share composers that you feel we may have overlooked.