The three faces of Mssng Lnks

We believe that a three-pronged approach is needed in order to bring about our Mission – embracing, nurturing, and unleashing the power found within the voices of urban youth-of-color.

And our Vision - that the rich diversity found within our world community can be reflected in the vocal performers on stage, and in recital and concert halls.

facing the Chrysalis

Named for the protective cocoon that covers a caterpillar during its transformation to a butterfly, Chrysalis encompasses Mssng Lnks fundamental mission to provide the vocal training, tools and support network needed by urban youth-of-color should they decide to pursue a career in classical vocal performance or musical theatre. Like the pupa that goes through physical changes as it matures from larva to adult, individuals go through their own stages of development in their quest to becoming a professional singer — and support is vital to their ability to thrive and ultimately succeed.

Because of the distinctive needs of vocalists we have designed a unique Artists-In-Training (AIT) program that involves instruction interspersed with performance opportunities. Each spring we mount a fully-staged production of, alternately, an opera or musical. Each summer we design a production that is a mash-up of selections from existing opera, musical theatre, and popular music. Our aim is to provide AIT an opportunity to perform at least 1 solo at their proficiency level.
For our productions Mssng Lnks has developed a unique model, casting professional and semi-professional singers, Vocal Mentors in the larger roles and Artists-In-Training in smaller roles and in the ensemble. This provides AIT an opportunity to interact, work with, and learn from these role models while allowing Mssng Lnks to produce a wider range of staged works.

Artists-In-Training are provided:

• A safe space in which to hone their craft
• A comprehensive music and theatre curriculum
• Study with a private voice teacher
• Perform repertoire that includes the works of composers-of-color
• Hands-on experience performing in opera and musical theatre productions
• Sing with semi-professional and professional Vocal Mentors
• Attend professional productions, master-classes and live performances

Artists-In-Training membership is BY AUDITION ONLY. Auditions are held in September and June. All interested students are encouraged to apply for an audition.